A bit of self love..

Love yourself before loving someone else because until you are not deeply in love with yourself you can't love another soul profoundly. Giving love is important but giving it to your very own self is a necessity. #loveyourself #loveforlove #loveisimportant #selfloveismust #spreadlove #hope #towardsahappylife



  Still chained in emotions, she is filled with fear. The ray  of hope has lost its direction. The sun that once shined in her, has met the dusk.

This was Nainital for me

Peace has a new definition now,  Amidst the nature, I found a new hope now. These peaks shout loud in me and the water flows deep inside my mind. The cold winds had an unknown touch, yet so known. Accompanied by the clouds which  were miles away from me few days back, I wondered how... Continue Reading →

The known unknown strangers

  "In the middle of life, they crossed paths. They were the known unknown strangers." When life takes you on it's own way, you happen to meet some known unknown strangers. You connect with them at the first sight. Now, by sight I don't particularly mean an eye to eye contact. This sight could be... Continue Reading →

Enlightening her way towards the dawn, he graved himself in dusk. Now she stands alone facing the dawn but waiting for the dusk.

The moon soul

The moon isn't waning. The clouds aren't in motion. It's a still night may be, Or a still soul struggling. The moon is silent. The soul is quiet. Both perplexed about their existence. They stare, stare at the vicious world, While wondering at the figment of their thoughts. Thoughts, these thoughts keep them alive. Alive... Continue Reading →

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